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In a blogpost I wrote a few weeks ago, I talked about the applause in a concert. What are the rules? Well there are no written ones, but tradition made it inappropriate to show your pleasure by applauding whenever you feel it! But things may change… In a recent article published on the blog of Tom Service (Guardian), a change of the tradition may be announced: “… it seems as if the fatuous snobbery of not clapping after any movement as proof of holier-than-thou cognoscenti-dom may be becoming a thing of the past. There was no hushing of the applauders from the rest of the hall, there was (…) real pleasure on the faces of Trpceski, Petrenko and the orchestral players whenever they got a round, and a sense of interaction between musicians and listeners.”
What is your opinion? Should the tradition change or shall we keep this unwritten rule of not clapping between the movements?



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  1. [...] in 2010, Tom Service already announced a possible change of tradition in his Guardian column. So did Alex Ross who publicly appealed: „It’s one of the great ironies of the classical [...]

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