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21. October 2016   |   Comments Closed

Tandem of freedom and spontaneity

Michael Wollny and Vincent Peirani (photo: ACT, Joerg Steinmetz)

Michael Wollny and Vincent Peirani (photo: ACT, Joerg Steinmetz)

If you like soul, you know Motown. If you like jazz, you know Blue Note. These two record labels became household names thanks to the influence they had on the industry. Now if you’re looking for a contemporary equivalent, chances are you’ll land on ACT. More

14. October 2016   |   Comments Closed

Jazz meets avant-garde

Igor Stravinsky (photo: Richard Avedon)

Igor Stravinsky (photo: Richard Avedon)

Do you ever stumble upon a blog post or press article only to hear about the same topic over and over again in the following days? This piece of information that had never crossed your mind is now seemingly everywhere, turning into a motif of your everyday life. That’s what’s happened with Stravinsky this week. More

30. May 2016   |   No Comments

Closer to the jazzman

Vijay Iyer & Wadada Leo Smith (photo: John Rogers)

Vijay Iyer & Wadada Leo Smith (photo: John Rogers)

We have to admit: we’ve been accused of not being adventurous enough when it comes to jazz, of relying too much on big names. Did it sting? Yes. Was it uncalled for? Maybe not. More

7. May 2015   |   No Comments

The road to electro rock

Jeanne Added (photo: element-s Marikel Lahana)

Jeanne Added (photo: element-s Marikel Lahana)

In The Unexpected series we take a look at artists and musicians whose paths didn’t go exactly in the direction you could have expected them to go. Sometimes life comes in the way or tastes simply evolve. That’s what happened to Jeanne Added. More

30. December 2014   |   No Comments

The season (so far) in pictures

Youn Sun Nah (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

Youn Sun Nah (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

Do you remember that time we told you we were on Pinterest? We’ve kept on pinning! We have a board where we collect pictures of the concerts! Here are a few of our favourite pictures of the season so far. You’ll find many more on Pinterest! More

10. September 2014   |   No Comments

Jazz caught on film

Duke Ellington (photo: Gjon Mili for LIFE)

Duke Ellington (photo: Gjon Mili for Life)

As you know by now, we like pictures and we like old stuff. So it was only a matter of time before the work of Gjon Mili caught our eye. Mili was a photographer for Life magazine, a job he kept from 1939 until his death in 1984. During his career, he took pictures of Pablo Picasso, Adolf Eichmann, the cast of West Side Story, Gene Kelly and more. More

4. July 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #29

DJ QBert: 2 hours before the EOSP

DJ QBert: 2 hours before the EOSP

My head is full of the End-of-season party. In fact, my ears are too because the soundcheck is taking place in the Foyer as I write. And in case you’ve never noticed, all the offices at the Philharmonie open onto the Foyer. I don’t know why I bothered to close my window, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s like when you try to fool your stomach with a glass of water at 11:00, hoping it will make you forget that you’re already hungry. In both cases, it’s not unbearable (DJ QBert is good!), it just makes it harder for you to concentrate. So I better stop here before I write something that makes even less sense than usual. More

2. May 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #22

Frères Pétards

The “frères pétards”, ready for a Colorado Symphony Orchestra concert

By now everyone should have received our season brochure for the 2014/15 season and it certainly looks like you’ve liked what you’ve found in it. Of course, we’ve heard a few complaints – it would be scary if everyone was 100% satisfied. But given the number of requests for season tickets we assume that you still like us. Handling all these requests is exhausting so we’re relieved that the end of the week is near. Just do like us: sit back, relax and enjoy our recommended reads! More

29. November 2013   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #6

Pharrell Williams

While I don’t get all sentimental very often, I do believe that we should appreciate the little joys of daily life. Like having a coffee machine full of beans in the morning. Like snatching the last pain au chocolat at the Fischer truck. Like the chocolate bars we never seem to run out of in my department. More

12. September 2013   |   No Comments

Street pianos in Tigran’s shadow theater



Before summer we told you about the “Play me, I’m Yours” project, putting pianos on the streets so that anyone could just hit the keys if whenever they felt like it. It turns out Armenian jazzman Tigran was in Paris at the same time as those street pianos and he played for unsuspecting passers-by. More

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