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Tomatito’s fiery guitar

Tomatito (picture source: http://vos.lavoz.com.ar/clasica/jazz/tomatito-camaron-es-mi-razon-ser)

The name of José Fernández Torres, Tomatito, will be forever linked to Camarón de la Isla* and Paco de Lucia. He is a virtuoso guitarist, well-known for being, for nearly 18 years, “Spain’s greatest flamenco singer of the second half of the 20th century'”s accompanionist, which is definitely reason enough to cast him as one of today’s most  imaginative and fiery contemporary guitarists.

Camarón de la Isla’s tragic death in 1991 has left an unfillable void in the flamenco world and turned him quite immediately into some kind of flamenco saint. But his demise also had important effects on Tomatito’s career. Their symbiosis had been so great that the singer’s absence pervaded Tomatito’s every performance. Many other great singers avoided playing with Tomatito, scared of being compared with the genius himself.

Fortunately, other top singers wanted to collaborate with Tomatitio. Chano Lobato, Enrique Morente or Carmen Linares were brave enough to face audiences.
Since then, José Fernández Torres has appeared with many other performers such as Duquende and Potito, thus beginning a new and rapidly expanding solo career, receiving huge acclaim at all his concerts. This great career developed further when he shared the bill with international stars like Frank Sinatra, Elton John or Chick Corea, co-wrote the score for Doris Dörrie’s movie “Bin ich schön?” with Roman Bunka and won multiple Latin Grammys.

On January 28th Tomatito will be at the Philharmonie Luxembourg with his Band (Cristobal Santiago “El Cristi” Fernández, guitar – Antonio Fernández “Antonio” Salazar Losada, percussion –  Paloma Fantova, dance – Simón Román “Simón Román” Montero, vocals – Santiago Cortiñas “Kiki Cortiñas” Barrul, vocals)

If you want to have more information on flamenco, have a look at this blogpost “Feuriges Temperament, tiefe Leidenschaft” (in German), where you’ll find some videos and some CD tips too.

* El Camarón de la Isla was José Monge Cruz’s nickname. It referred to his bony frame, likened to the delicious shrimps – camarones – of the small peninsular island where he came from, near Cádiz.

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Feuriges Temperament, tiefe Leidenschaft

Flamenco im “Autour du monde” Zyklus

Einen Flamenco-Musiker nach der Bedeutung seiner Kunst zu fragen, ist wohl in etwa so, wie wenn man von einem Mönch seinen Glauben zu Gott erklärt haben möchte. “Flamenco bedeutet, sein Leben auf eine andere Art zu verstehen”, sagt Estrella Morente, eine der erfolgreichsten Flamenco-Sängerinnen der jüngeren Generation. “Wenn du isst, bist du Flamenco, sogar wenn du bügelst (…) More

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