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2. September 2015   |   No Comments

Not all about Wagner

Edward Elgar

Edward Elgar (and his moustache)

Some people find the opening of a season so exciting that they almost forget to look at the programme. They just want to be part of it, be inside the hall again, see some familiar faces, hear the seats squeak… More

2. May 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #22

Frères Pétards

The “frères pétards”, ready for a Colorado Symphony Orchestra concert

By now everyone should have received our season brochure for the 2014/15 season and it certainly looks like you’ve liked what you’ve found in it. Of course, we’ve heard a few complaints – it would be scary if everyone was 100% satisfied. But given the number of requests for season tickets we assume that you still like us. Handling all these requests is exhausting so we’re relieved that the end of the week is near. Just do like us: sit back, relax and enjoy our recommended reads! More

10. January 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #10

Lang Lang (photo: Olaf Heine)

Lang Lang, ready to hang out with a rock band (photo: Olaf Heine)

Ha, it’s good to be back. Why would we want to stay at home, reading a good book by the fire sipping on a cup of (spiked) tea, when we can sit at a desk all day staring at a computer screen? Positive thinking is the key! To be fair coming back to work also meant that the concerts would resume and we’ve been lucky this week, what with the “Neijoersconcert” and yesterday’s concert with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Evgeny Kissin. I mean, you don’t get that when you work at, say, a law firm. So here’s to the new year and the upcoming concerts!


13. December 2013   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #8

Opening night at La Scala (photo: @teatroallascala, Twitter)

Opening night at La Scala (photo: @teatroallascala, Twitter)

The fog refuses to lift over Luxembourg, making every day looks the same. It seems that it invades our brains, mellowing them. We have a confession to make. We screwed up. More

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Inaugurated in 2005, the Philharmonie Luxembourg now hosts over 400 events a year (classical music, jazz, world music, new music) and is one of Europe’s main concert halls. it is also the home of the Orchestre Phiilharmonique du Luxembourg.

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