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22. June 2016   |   No Comments

From rock to baroque

Ritchie Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore

No one expected this to happen: On June 17 Ritchie Blackmore went back on stage to play Deep Purple and Rainbow material for the first time in nearly two decades. But fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high as Blackmore insists: this was not a reunion. He has a few other dates scheduled with this line-up but then he’ll go on tour with Blackmore’s Night… his medieval folk band. More

7. May 2015   |   No Comments

The road to electro rock

Jeanne Added (photo: element-s Marikel Lahana)

Jeanne Added (photo: element-s Marikel Lahana)

In The Unexpected series we take a look at artists and musicians whose paths didn’t go exactly in the direction you could have expected them to go. Sometimes life comes in the way or tastes simply evolve. That’s what happened to Jeanne Added. More

12. January 2015   |   No Comments

Searching for a construction worker


The long overdue part 3 of our series The unexpected is about the world’s most famous construction worker who was the focus of an Academy Award-winning documentary in 2012. A folk musician whose talent is just as great as Bob Dylan’s but whose career has been slightly less stellar. More

15. January 2014   |   No Comments

Metal with a twist


They are cellists. They graduated from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. They dress in black and wear eyeliner. They play Metallica. And Wagner. This is the second part  of our series “The unexpected”. More

2. December 2013   |   No Comments

The Viking of 6th Avenue

Philip Glass, Moondog and Steve Reich

Philip Glass, Moondog and Steve Reich by Nicolas Moog in La Revue Dessinée #01

In music as in any other field career paths know no straight lines. And even if they did they’d all go in different directions. Some composers get instant recognition and others are rediscovered years after their death. Some musicians dedicate their lives to one kind of repertoire, others always go exactly where they are not expected. This new series of posts is about the detours, the unexpected, the hidden talent. More

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