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18. April 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #20

Sergei Rachmaninov symphony manuscript

(photo: Sotheby’s)

The house has been so quiet lately. Well, if you exclude the maintenance works: a hammer here, a power drill there and a vacuum cleaner to top it all off. But all in all, it’s been a little bit too quiet. It’s the calm before the storm! On Thursday the Philharmonie will come alive again with the sold out “Pops at the Phil” concert, the 2014/15 season announcement and… something else! 🙂 So enjoy your weekend and take some rest: you’ll need all your energy to keep up with us next week!


11. April 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #19

Pierre Boulez and Sir Simon Rattle at a party

Pierre Boulez and Sir Simon Rattle at a party. Yes, in the 1980s. I mean, look at that shirt! (source: Composers Doing Normal Shit Tumblr)

Weekend! Need I say more? Enjoy this week’s links! More

4. April 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #18

Beethoven action figure

“Guaranteed to come to life at night”

“We’re never done with killing time”, sings Lorde. I’m pretty sure we could find a thing or two for her to do should she ever ask for a summer job at the Philharmonie… The season brochure was sent to press earlier this week and it feels like our heads have been cut off but we’re still running around, just like chickens. rainy days and its tag line “take your time” seem very, very far removed from our reality now. So in this hectic period I suggest we dedicate these links to the 24 hours of the day that go by too quickly and are never enough. Let’s just hope time slows down a bit this weekend. More

21. March 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #17


Making money, one night at a time

#spring is trending all over the social media but at the Philharmonie this word induces a sense of panic because spring = new season announcement. And even though it’s the 10th time we go through this we can’t help but think: What if we missed something? What if we can’t send the brochure to press in time? What if an artist dies? What if the title of one work is not in italics? So spring = panic. But it’s the weekend so let’s try to disconnect our brain and see if we can relax with a few good reads. More

14. March 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #16

credit: Mike Lynch

(credit: Mike Lynch)

Can we not talk about the weather, please? It was so good this week, it won’t be as good this weekend… Are we British or what? (Not that I would mind being a member of the glorious tribe that invented Pimm’s.) No, let’s talk about the good job we’re doing preparing next season’s booklet. We finished planning the concerts this week so now we’re busy writing texts, choosing pictures, working on the layout and doing about a million things at the same time. And we love it! Obviously I can’t say a word about what’s in store for 2014/15. But to make the wait more bearable, here are this week’s links! More

7. March 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #15

(photo from Twitter: @albionmedia)

Did the choir party like it was their birthday? (photo from Twitter: @albionmedia)

It’s Friday. The end. What? I can’t do that? Ok then: it’s Friday and we’re going to have a sunny weekend. We’re going to smell BBQ everywhere and this, my friends, is the real taste of summer! But the evenings and nights are still chilly so get cosy with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine, we’re not here to judge you) and waste your evening with our links.


28. February 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #14

Is political neutrality still possible in Venezualy? (photos: Richard Reinsdorf / Colin Bell)

Is political neutrality still possible in Venezuela? (photos: Richard Reinsdorf, Colin Bell)

I don’t know if it’s because I saw too much snow during the Winter Olympics but I’ve just looked out of the window and my brain mistook the Salle de Musique de Chambre’s white shell for a mountain. Sure you can compare the Philharmonie to a whale, a harp, a music sheet – lots of things come to mind but a mountain? I guess that’s what Friday does to a frail human being. If your brain still has some juice for the weekend we could suggest you go to one of the two concerts we host on Sunday. But if you too mistake buildings for mountains, then just follow these links and relax. More

14. February 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #13

Adolphe Sax

Adolphe Sax, hopefully better known than the “couque de Dinant”

Love is supposed to be in the air today but so is the smell of holidays and one is stronger than the other. Some of you will probably hit the slopes, others will simply enjoy the peace and quiet at the office. It’s funny to think that whatever you choose to do, there’s always the perfect soundtrack to it. If you ever decide to read, here are our favourite links of the week. More

7. February 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #12

Chamber music house party

Chamber music house party. Where’s the keg?

People say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. We hope this is true because we’ve been quiet for twelve – 12! – days so by now you must love this blog madly. But now that days off have been taken and that colds have been cured we are back with the most interesting stories we’ve read this week. More

24. January 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #11

Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado

Sometimes you take Monday off and the whole week is upside down. You can’t for the life of you remember which day it is. We have a little trick to solve this problem: we keep an eye on the Philharmonie’s programme. If it’s Urna and Kroke, then it must be Wednesday. The trouble is when we are lucky enough to have Nikolai Lugansky for two nights. Then we can’t be sure whether it’s Thursday or Friday. But today I’m positive it’s Friday. Who can forget Friday? Here are a few links to keep you busy Saturday and Sunday. More

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