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11. July 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #30

Opera Machine

17 looks behind the scene at the Royal Opera House

Although we had a blast at the “End-of-season party” last Friday, we were not really done with the 2013/14 season. In fact, we still have two concerts taking place tonight (the OPL’s “Operconcert am Summer” and Regenorchester XV – join us if you can!). But then… Then we’ll be on holiday! Well, sort of: some maintenance work will be done and the ticket office will remain open until July 28. What we’re trying to tell you is that you’ll have to learn how to waste your time wisely on your own in the next few weeks. We know you can do it! So for the last time this season: here are a few good links! More

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Time well wasted #29

DJ QBert: 2 hours before the EOSP

DJ QBert: 2 hours before the EOSP

My head is full of the End-of-season party. In fact, my ears are too because the soundcheck is taking place in the Foyer as I write. And in case you’ve never noticed, all the offices at the Philharmonie open onto the Foyer. I don’t know why I bothered to close my window, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s like when you try to fool your stomach with a glass of water at 11:00, hoping it will make you forget that you’re already hungry. In both cases, it’s not unbearable (DJ QBert is good!), it just makes it harder for you to concentrate. So I better stop here before I write something that makes even less sense than usual. More

27. June 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #28

ETO - Rumbled

The ETO was back in Luxembourg this week thanks to the EME Foundation.

This week we said goodbye to a long-time colleague and a student who gave us a hand for two months. *sigh* Life goes on… But time certainly doesn’t fly. In fact, if it went by any slower, I’m sure it’d come to a halt. I mean, can we throw that end-of-season party already? One more week to go… To help you kill time and waste it wisely until then, here are our best catches from the web. More

20. June 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #27

Monterverdi Choir (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

It was a casual Thursday for the Monterverdi Choir in 2009 when their luggage was stuck in London. (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

You may not know this but every artist who performs at the Philharmonie leaves a note in the guest book. I had to go through each of them (one for each season) this week and this brought back memories. Memories of artists whose train was delayed so long they almost didn’t make it to the concert, who braved a famous Icelandic volcano to get here or who did make it to Luxembourg but without luggage. One thing struck me though: Sure, there’s very often a note about the acoustics or the architecture but more often than not artists have a nice word for the people they’ve met and by “people” I mean you and us. They remember the (not so) little things we do for them and they remember the audience. This hall is one of the country’s most famous landmarks but at the end of the day we (you and us) bring life to it. And on this bombshell… here are a few links to make your long weekend even better! More

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Time well wasted #26

(photo: Lauren Yapalater, BuzzFeed)

Play Me, I’m Yours (photo: Lauren Yapalater, BuzzFeed)

It’s almost the weekend. A long, sunny weekend. Some of you will enjoy a whole week off, maybe go abroad for a few days. While you’re out, soaking up the sun, you may want something to read. Nothing to difficult or too long, something interesting that you don’t have to read in one go because you’re falling in and out of slumber or because the kids need you to refill their bubble maker. Rejoice: this post is made just for you. More

23. May 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #25

Violetta Valery, drawn by Christophe Gaultier for France Musique

Violetta Valery, drawn by Christophe Gaultier for France Musique

A Rising Stars concert, the Quatuor Voce again to perform Mantovani’s Quatuor à cordestwice, a very lively OPL – Dating concert with a Jean-François Zigel who can talk anything Mozart for hours, a new generation of conductors represented by Gustavo Gimeno, Wolfgang Muthspiel‘s new album: the least we can say is that this week has been full of discoveries and it’s about time it came to a close because there’s only so much a brain can remember. If you can still squeeze a fun fact or two into yours, then we recommend you the following links! More

16. May 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #24

Wolfgang Muthspiel's latest album

Wolfgang Muthspiel’s latest album

As we slowly but surely work on the 10th anniversary of the house we think of all the good concerts we’ve heard, our encounters in the hallways with so many talented artists, the (recorded) chats we’ve had with them,… And we thought we’d try and create something that would make anyone who’s ever been here take a trip down memory lane. The first videos were shot this week, you’ll see the results in… thirteen months. But enough of the past, we have a great weekend ahead of us, with good music, a lot of sun and a few good links! More

9. May 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #23

Who's scared of opera? (photo: Eric Chenal)

Who’s scared of opera? (photo: Eric Chenal)

When it rains it pours. It was true on Wednesday when we happily queued at the Food Truck and it has been true all week with the subscription requests. Concert-wise the week only just started yesterday with the OPL’s first collaboration with Gustavo Gimeno. Tonight we have two concerts (sold out!), then we’ll have children’s concert all weekend (sold out!) and on Sunday we’ll have the Kammerorchester Wien-Berlin with Jonas Kaufmann as soloist (there are tickets left, come see us!). We sure won’t feel lonely this week. If YOU find the time to sit quietly with a cup of tea, then you should definitely check out links below. More

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Time well wasted #22

Frères Pétards

The “frères pétards”, ready for a Colorado Symphony Orchestra concert

By now everyone should have received our season brochure for the 2014/15 season and it certainly looks like you’ve liked what you’ve found in it. Of course, we’ve heard a few complaints – it would be scary if everyone was 100% satisfied. But given the number of requests for season tickets we assume that you still like us. Handling all these requests is exhausting so we’re relieved that the end of the week is near. Just do like us: sit back, relax and enjoy our recommended reads! More

25. April 2014   |   No Comments

Time well wasted #21

Brochures 2014/15

Did you get yours?

It feels so good to finally be able to talk about the stuff we’ve been working on for so long! New season? Finally out! New website? Finally online! But with these out of the way, we’re kind of feeling… empty. Are we missing the stress? Are we crazy? We really need the weekend to relax and waste way too much time on the internet. More

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