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Best of 2014 – Interview Edition

James at his usual spot, behind the camera

James at his usual spot, behind the camera

We are lucky enough to meet and speak to lots of interesting people here at the Philharmonie and sometimes our chitchat is caught on film. James, Eve and I (Julie) take a look back at the interviews we’ve done in 2014 and pick our personal favorites. Check out our YouTube channel, that’s where we keep all the good stuff!

James’s pick
Über die Jahre hatte ich das Glück fantastische Musiker kennenzulernen (und mich in so manche Probe hineinzustehlen). Immer dann, wenn die Musiker mit übermenschlicher Präzision und Hingabe spielten, habe ich mich oft gefragt, was ihnen in solch intensiven Momenten durch den Kopf geht. Gerne denke ich daran, was Baiba Skride im Interview über das Beethoven Violinkonzert erzählt hat: «…ich bin im Himmel, so soll mein Leben sein!».

Eve’s pick
Je suis toujours surprise à quel point les artistes sont disponibles et attentifs aux questions qu’on leur pose malgré leur planning chargé. Souvent, ils viennent de passer plusieurs heures dans les transports, doivent répéter dès leur arrivée et bien sûr se préparer pour le concert. Ils n’ont que quelques minutes mais prennent toujours le temps de s’arrêter devant notre caméra. L’interview avec Jean-Efflam Bavouzet est un de ces nombreux exemples: tout juste arrivé, il est en train d’essayer les pianos alors que nous préparons l’éclairage pour l’interview. Il nous fait écouter les différentes sonorité des pianos de la Philharmonie, fait son choix et tout naturellement se tourne vers la caméra pour commencer l’interview…

Julie’s pick
Even though artists who agree to give interviews are always super nice, I have been nervous before every one of the interviews I had to do this year because, to be honest, I haven’t done an awful lot of them so I always thought: “What if I have suddently got very bad at this?” So there I was, facing Hilary Hahn who had just toured with the OPL after taking a long break because of a strained muscle. Of course, my first question was about that muscle and her return to the stage. As luck would have it, she had requested that we didn’t ask questions about her health and that piece of information hadn’t reached me. *womp womp* But Hilary Hahn is a lovely young lady, very professional, so she brushed off the question with a smile and didn’t hate me for my faux-pas.

Now tell us: Which video of ours is your favorite?



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