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[un]seen spaces – Breathing Halls


A journey through the lungs of the Philharmonie Luxembourg!

Air ducts, the lung of the Philharmonie, serve as inhouse fresh and clean air providing to the different floors.

A fan blows the fresh air through the air ducts into the humidifier.

The air is preheated and humidified with deionized water (at 7 km/h flow velocity), which provokes an immediate temperature drop of the supply air flow (adiabatic humidification and cooling).

The total area of the galvanised sheet metal ventilation duct system exceeds 20’000 sqm.

Motorized heavy-duty Aluminium Shutters direct the air to the ventilation system.

Air inlet ducts open into an equalizing chamber (plenum) situated under the Concert Hall.

Floor-mounted air diffusers below each seat release fresh air into the Concert Hall.

During a concert, convection causes thermal currents (convection) which rises up warm air, which is efficiently extracted and partly fed back to the filter systems (preheating the incoming air in a recirculation air-mode), as also partly discharged to the outside as well (exhaust air).


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