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Time well wasted #20

(photo: Sotheby's)

The house has been so quiet lately. Well, if you exclude the maintenance works: a hammer here, a power drill there and a vacuum cleaner to top it all off. But all in all, it’s been a little bit too quiet. It’s the calm before the storm! On Thursday the Philharmonie will come alive again [...]


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Time well wasted #19

Pierre Boulez and Sir Simon Rattle at a party. Yes, in the 1980s. I mean, look at that shirt!

Weekend! Need I say more? Enjoy this week’s links!


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Time well wasted #18

"Guaranteed to come to life at night"

“We’re never done with killing time”, sings Lorde. I’m pretty sure we could find a thing or two for her to do should she ever ask for a summer job at the Philharmonie… The season brochure was sent to press earlier this week and it feels like our heads have been cut off but we’re [...]


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Off to Russia!

Off to Russia!

The OPL is preparing for their tour in Russia. Simultaneously our Composer in residence has disappeared. No coincidence!


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Interview mit Baiba Skride

Baiba Skride (photo: Marco Borggreve)

Vor dreizehn Jahren stand Baiba Skride zuletzt mit dem OPL auf der Bühne. Was seither passiert ist und noch passieren wird, erzählt sie uns in diesem Interview.


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Time well wasted #17

Making money, one night at a time

#spring is trending all over the social media but at the Philharmonie this word induces a sense of panic because spring = new season announcement. And even though it’s the 10th time we go through this we can’t help but think: What if we missed something? What if we can’t send the brochure to press in [...]


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D.W. Griffith, le pionnier

D.W. Griffith, le pionnier

A la fin de cette semaine, la Philharmonie aura le plaisir de retrouver Carl Davis pour une nouvelle édition de “Live Cinema”. Ce coup de projecteur vers le passé est l’occasion de (re)découvrir les films qui ont marqué l’histoire du cinéma. Certains sont des classiques dont les titres sont familiers, d’autres sont plus obscurs pour [...]


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Time well wasted #16

credit: Mike Lynch

Can we not talk about the weather, please? It was so good this week, it won’t be as good this weekend… Are we British or what? (Not that I would mind being a member of the glorious tribe that invented Pimm’s.) No, let’s talk about the good job we’re doing preparing next season’s booklet. We [...]


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Time well wasted #15

Did the choir party like it was their birthday? (photo from Twitter: @albionmedia)

It’s Friday. The end. What? I can’t do that? Ok then: it’s Friday and we’re going to have a sunny weekend. We’re going to smell BBQ everywhere and this, my friends, is the real taste of summer! But the evenings and nights are still chilly so get cosy with a cup of tea (or a [...]


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Femmes de tête

Une première au XXIe siècle

“Chérie, ne bouge pas! Aujourd’hui, c’est moi qui cuisine!” Quand on entend ça, aucun doute: c’est la Journée de la Femme (8 mars). Pour ceux qui auraient un doute, la Journée de la Femme n’est pas l’occasion d’accepter exceptionnellement de mettre une barquette Iglo au micro-onde mais une incitation à la réflexion sur la place [...]


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