14. July 2014   |   18 Comments

2013/14 season: our favourites pics + giveaway!

"Sommernachtstraum" (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

You may have noticed that there is always a photographer at a Philharmonie concert. Sometimes he is hidden in the control room, sometime he moves discreetly around the Grand Audiorium or the Salle de Musique de Chambre to capture the best moments. Right after the concert or the next morning our press officer Fränz sends [...]


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Time well wasted #30

17 looks behind the scene at the Royal Opera House

Although we had a blast at the “End-of-season party” last Friday, we were not really done with the 2013/14 season. In fact, we still have two concerts taking place tonight (the OPL’s “Operconcert am Summer” and Regenorchester XV – join us if you can!). But then… Then we’ll be on holiday! Well, sort of: some [...]


8. July 2014   |   1 Comment

Compositeur en résidence: the making-of!

Compositeur en résidence: the making-of!

Yesterday we said goodbye to our composer in residence. Now we’re ready to let you take a sneak peek behind the scenes! The hands who sewed the Tchaikovsky puppet, the scripts and of course, the things that didn’t work out… You’ll see it all in this short video!


6. July 2014   |   1 Comment

Goodbye, Piotr!

Goodbye, Piotr!

In our last episode, Piotr’s life takes an unexpected dramatic turn as he reveals his inner feelings to our female protagonist. The farewell was clearly inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Eugen Onegin. And what a coincidence! It will be performed by the OPL for their “Operconcert am Summer” on July 11th. Tickets are available online and through [...]


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Time well wasted #29

DJ QBert: 2 hours before the EOSP

My head is full of the End-of-season party. In fact, my ears are too because the soundcheck is taking place in the Foyer as I write. And in case you’ve never noticed, all the offices at the Philharmonie open onto the Foyer. I don’t know why I bothered to close my window, it doesn’t make [...]


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Time well wasted #28

The ETO was back in Luxembourg this week thanks to the EME Foundation.

This week we said goodbye to a long-time colleague and a student who gave us a hand for two months. *sigh* Life goes on… But time certainly doesn’t fly. In fact, if it went by any slower, I’m sure it’d come to a halt. I mean, can we throw that end-of-season party already? One more [...]


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Fancy a pink screen?

Fancy a pink screen?

It’s soon the end of the season and it can only mean one thing: END-OF-SEASON PARTY! We’ve prepared a cool wallpaper for you to use on your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone. All you have to do is choose your format, download and set as background image. Pimp your screen and spread the word: [...]


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Time well wasted #27

It was a casual Thursday for the Monterverdi Choir in 2009 when their luggage was stuck in London. (photo: Sébastien Grébille)

You may not know this but every artist who performs at the Philharmonie leaves a note in the guest book. I had to go through each of them (one for each season) this week and this brought back memories. Memories of artists whose train was delayed so long they almost didn’t make it to the [...]


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Le Grand Auditorium, cette salle obscure

Gerold Huber accompagne Christian Gerhaher en 2013. (photo: F. Zuidberg)

Depuis son ouverture, la Philharmonie organise des soirées cinéma. Une idée saugrenue pour une salle de concerts? Pas vraiment, puisqu’il s’agit bien entendu de ciné-concerts, en partenariat avec la Cinémathèque. L’équilibre parfait entre les images et la musique, clé de voûte de ce genre de soirées, est assuré par les musiciens, funambules dans la pénombre. [...]


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Time well wasted #26

Play Me, I'm Yours (photo: Lauren Yapalater, BuzzFeed)

It’s almost the weekend. A long, sunny weekend. Some of you will enjoy a whole week off, maybe go abroad for a few days. While you’re out, soaking up the sun, you may want something to read. Nothing to difficult or too long, something interesting that you don’t have to read in one go because [...]


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